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Anysense SDK V1.0.21

Latest update:2013-01-28 14:02:36

In order to enable 3rd party developers to easily produce games and applications based on computer visual recognition, Taishan Online provides powerful development kits to interested partners, builds an open platform for more mutual cooperation, and promotes human-machine interactive technology.


AnySense SDK is a set of kits including software and hardware. It integrates comprehensive development tools for living room usage scenarios and provides a series of API with example libraries applied to multiple environments (Java, C, C++, C#, Flash, Unity3D) so that developers can conveniently develop all kinds of smart TV applications. The SDK includes:



                     Idong sensor

                      • Air touch hand straps

                      • Remote control

                      • USB connector


                      • Air mouse gesture library

                      • Hand gesture library

                      • Motion-sensing data library

                      • Audio and video multimedia library


                      • V2.6 sensor BOM

                      • V2.6 sensor circuit diagram

                      • V2.6 sensor three-dimensional structure diagram

                      • V2.6 sensor PCB


The air mouse gesture library optimizes the tracing, interference-removing, and refreshing algorithms for the non-contact and remote usage scenarios and builds a model library with motion feature vectors, which enable multiple functions like writing numbers and symbols in the air, calling shortcut menus, etc.


The hand gesture library provides many motion models (waving, flipping, scratching, moving, etc. and combined gestures of the palm and fingers). It can simulate the actions of a mouse and touch screen to control the smart TV conveniently.


The motion-sensing data library provides comprehensive three-dimensional channel data and precisely matches the three-dimensional coordinates to two-dimensional coordinates. It also provides a series of API to process multiple objects’ moving tracks under different motion-sensing gaming scenarios so that 3rd party developers can do work seamlessly across all platforms.


The audio and video multimedia library provides face recognition and voice recognition modules. The video module optimizes the image under different environmental changes (light, distance, angle) and matches it precisely to three-dimensional coordinates so that the TV can sense the user quickly and smartly. The audio module realizes optimization algorithms, including directive gain and environmental and background noise suppression, and provides interfaces for applications that utilize both video chatting and voice controls.


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